Wondrous Whiteball

a group poem written by everyone at the Whiteball celebration party

Astonishing eye opener, a connection in every sense,
A rip roaring ride, a wonderful story, a hoot,
The Whiteball Tunnel will be remembered and sung
As a joyous occasion in many people’s lives
And in the life of Wellington.

It opened my eyes to the community I grew up in
Bringing history into the present and taking me into the past
A fantastic experience I wish I could relive.

A roller coaster, dazzling, exciting, a revelation,
The Whiteball Tunnel is part of the essential life blood
Fuelling the heart of the community… yeah!

A great introduction to community theatre
Completely enthralling and wonderful to be part of,
Never forgotten.

The Tunnel is 5/8 of a mile long
Forever associated with the line “join Whiteball to Culmstock Beacon”
Still there: physically and metaphorically.

The best thing I have ever been involved in
An amazing opportunity
To travel on a railway track through history, joining up the community.

First of many such projects
The Whiteball Tunnel was an inventive, musical, creative endeavour
Absolutely phenomenal and I enjoyed it so, so, so much.

A committed community coming together with colossal craic,
Woke me again to the thrill of performing
An amazing experience for the children to be involved in
And something we will remember for ever.

It will always be in my head, my heart
And part of my life.
Wondrous in every way, wondrous, wondrous, wondrous
The Whiteball Tunnel is just the beginning…