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Developing young children’s creativity CPD

Take Art Early Years CPD as part of SCIL Somerset's Early Years 1 day Conference - Children as Independent Learners

We often remark on the amazing creativity of young children's drawings, dramatic play, and invented language. As Early Year’s Educators, we play an important role in supporting children's ability in art, dramatic expression, and creative responses to problems.

The workshop will demonstrate ways we can support children's creativity by allowing participants the opportunity to explore a range of natural materials including wool fibre.

Through using the senses and imagination discover and create some exciting, open- ended possibilities and ways of extending children's own creative explorations.

With Lucy Lean, an artist based in West Somerset with a special interest in the natural world. Some of her recent work has involved working with natural materials such as woollen fleece, soil and rock


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Wed 22 Nov 2017 9am - 4.30pm Taunton Race Course Buy Online
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