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25 Mar 2017

Parlour Tricks

Morgan & West

Time travelling magicians in a mini Victorian parlour

28 Mar 2017

Moving (Dance) CPD

An exploration of the role of the adult in children’s creativity using sensory experiences, imagination and play

28 Mar 2017

SOUNDWAVES WORKSHOP: Nurturing communication in young children:

A collaboration between a music specialist and early years worker.

29 Mar - 2 Apr 2017

Martin Harley & Sam Lewis

Two music legends on one bill

29 Mar 2017

PrimaryFest 2017

Take Art InspirED

An opportunity for InspirED Primary schools to showcase their work in an evening of literary dance and drama.

20 Apr 2017

DramaNET CPD: Crossing the Celluloid Divide

Forkbeard Fantasy

Come to Forkbeard’s magical studios for an interactive film workshop where you will accomplish their trademark trick of merging from stage to screen in a live show.

22 Apr 2017

Curious Creatures

Squashbox Theatre

Skateboarding snails, gymnastic gerbils and over-excited elephants... If you like your puppets wild and woolly and your animals amazing - then prepare

28 Apr - 3 May 2017

‘Where Is Home?’ Educational Dance Workshops

State of Emergency

Educational workshops with State of Emergency in InspirED Schools based on themes such as Identity, belonging and human migration.

4 May 2017

DanceNET - Where Is Home?

State of Emergency

A night at the theatre to watch State of Emergency's 'Where Is Home?' with pre-show networking.

30 May 2017

Early Years Practitioner Shadowing Opportunity

Take Art - Early Years

Opportunities for FS, EY teachers and practitioners to shadow artists in schools

19 Jun - 22 Jun 2017

Time Walk: The story of the earth in a thousand paces (KS2)

Feet First Theatre

Bringing alive the story of evolution and our human origins.

31 Jul 2017

Malina’s Dream with Angel Heart Theatre

Take Art - InspirED

A spell-binding show about friendship and finding the way between two worlds