Sarah Peterkin

  • Role
    Director of the Rural Touring Service and Co-Director of Take Art Theatre
  • Telephone
    01460 249450

Sarah Peterkin is the heart of Take Art, working for the organisation for 25+ years, she knows everything there is to know about rural touring and theatre in Somerset.

If you are a promoter, a touring company or a Somerset theatre practitioner, you will almost certainly end up talking too (and liking) Sarah a great deal.

Sarah works full time for Take Art, so you can catch her Monday to Friday (if she's about).

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About Take Art

Take Art is a pioneering arts charity, serving the towns, villages and rural communities of Somerset. We do this by providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to experience, participate and work within the arts. To find out more go to our homepage.

What's On in Somerset

Take Art puts on events in venues such as this all over Somerset. Below is a list of all our upcoming Somerset performances and workshops. To find out more please go to What's On.

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