Tangle's new Discovery Project

Tangle, South West England's African Caribbean theatre company, has its office at Take Art and our partnership continues to flourish. We’re pleased to support the company's new Discovery Project, NAVIGATION:GLOBAL, which will tour the south west, including Somerset from September 2015.

Building on the success of Dream Nation and The Mandela Project, NAVIGATION:GLOBAL is a multi-platform arts project that draws on cultural and creative influences from around the Atlantic Circle (predominantly America, the Caribbean and Africa), encouraging people across South West England to explore and find out more about languages, cultures and interests in undiscovered corners of the world.

The project incorporates creative workshops led by Tangle’s talented team of practitioners, whcih will be in Somerset from 3 - 5 November. Participants will take part in a range of activities including drama, spoken word, music and writing. Following the workshops, Tangle will tour Steering by Stars (working title), a new song and spoken word township piece with words by Paula B Stanic and music by Allyson Devenish, across the South West in January 2015. To extend the experience beyond the workshop and performance activities, Tangle will also create a range of online and printable resources for use in groups and individually.

Tangle’s mission is to find new creative opportunities for communities across South West England to engage with and explore the UK’s rich racial diversity. Their approach has four steps:

DISCOVER – provide multiple creative ways to involve people in their work
ENGAGE – start creative conversations in communities
CHALLENGE – the status quo and bring new emphasis
CHANGE – the way people think about race

Tangle’s work helps to build bridges by allowing a dedicated team of practitioners of African and Caribbean heritage to share different elements of their own culture with people who would not normally come into contact with them.


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