KinderGardens 2011

Kindergardens is a collaborative venture supported by ‘Take Art’ along with groups from Cheshire, Shropshire and Herefordshire. This rare initiative is designed to enrich pre-school education for the very young.

The project enlists national and international European theatrical companies whose pieces, directed specifically at toddler and pre-verbal age groups, aim to assist learning development through music, dance and movement.

Performances span rural Somerset creating accessible theatre for small county communities. Additionally, the scheme offers interactive creative workshops for early years leaders, focussing on developing dance in early years.

Kindergardens returns this year, following the festival’s success in 2010 in which 44 performances involved close to 2,000 people, over 1,500 of this number children. 

The ‘international rural early years theatre’ festival comprised four companies, two of which were U.K. based, who performed in a wide range of community spaces across the county, from the Art Centres in Bridgwater and Taunton to theatres in Yeovil and Frome, and in infant and primary Schools and village halls from Shepton Mallet to Chilcompton.

Theatre companies involved in this year’s festival include Tell Tale Hearts, Brown Paper Packages, La Societa della Civetta and De Molecula.

Arts Alive made the film on behalf of the three partners and the youtube version is nice and simple:

The Artists

Brown Paper Packages, a mother and daughter outfit, is based here and supported by Take Art’s Start and Theatre Services. Their show ‘Favourite Strings’ unravelled the possibilities of transformation, connecting with children at all stages of learning through connections made through the use of string.

Italian touring company La Societa della Civetta incorporated sounds and actions into their visually and interactively inventive ‘Droplets’ play about water. De Molecula’s ‘Parapapel’  intertwined expression through body movements combined with the use of basic Spanish and English language, allowing children to make connections between sounds, language and actions, with nothing but a roll of paper.

"We love working with children and experiencing the look of surprise on their faces. "

De Molecula on Kindergardens

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