Elements was a practical action research programme of Early Years' creativity, that took place in different settings across Wells and Taunton between October 2016 and April 2017.

Using the rich and open-ended theme of elements, six multi-disciplinary artists (Richard Hughes, Lucy Lean, Hannah Lefeuvre, Peter Margerum, Deborah Westmancoat and Howard Vause) will be in reception and pre-school settings across Taunton and Wells. The artists will all be working reflectively to allow the children to lead the experience.

The project research was conducted by Plymouth University, exploring how creativity can support EY managers to develop creative practice and links to the arts. The artists and Early Years Practitioners were mentored by Take Art and the SCC Early Years advisory team. As part of this project the Artist and setting worked together to carry out a case study based on a research question they have decided upon as part of their planning session. The completed case studies are available here to read and download. 

Autumn Term 2016


Spring Term 2017


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