Our Projects

Soundwaves Extra

(early years)
Status: Active (Started Feb 2016)

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Alfred the Mouse Goes to School

(early years)
Status: Active (Started Oct 2015)

An innovative new project supporting early years with their big move up to primary school

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Bring a Friend for Free

(rural touring)
Status: Complete (From Sep 2015 to Apr 2016)

As part of our 2015/16 Rural Touring programme, we are offering free tickets for audiences new to watching live dance.

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Status: Complete (From Sep 2015 to Mar 2016)

Tangle's new Discovery Project

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(early years)
Status: Complete (From Sep 2016 to Apr 2017)

Elements was a practical action research programme of Early Years' creativity, that took place in different settings across Wells and Taunton between October 2016 and April 2017.

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Somerset Graduate Dancers

Status: Complete (From Nov 2014 to Dec 2016)

Aspiring young dancers who are being supported byTake Art to develop a programme of activity for those embarking on their dance careers.

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