Small Steps Big Noise Music Schedule

We have a limited number of free places available for our Early Years Music Pathway on the day.
To qualify for a place you need to either be living in Somerset or the majority of your work must be in Somerset. These spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
Below is the Early Years Music Pathway schedule for the day so you will still be able to choose which workshops and seminars you go to.

Take Art is delighted to welcome academically respected Early Years Arts, Music and Education expert Dr. Susan Young, author of ‘Music with the Under Fours’ and ‘Music 3-5’ to deliver the Keynote speech to open Small Steps Big Noise, the South West’s biggest and brightest Early Years Conference. Susan is one of the UKs leading advocates for creative arts education, with particular reference to early childhood music.

In her keynote, she will challenge and enthuse everyone involved in Early Years creative practice and education, speaking of the vital imperative we all share to promote and articulate high quality inclusive practice.

She has decades of experience in academia, recently retired as senior lecturer from Exeter University and is an honorary research fellow with Roehampton University.  Susan is the current chair of MERYC-England and is still involved in Early Childhood Music as a researcher and consultant. She is Course Director of the new national Certificate for Music Educators: Early Childhood. Originally having trained as a pianist at the Royal College of Music, she spent her early career teaching music in secondary, primary and pre-school settings before achieving a PhD in Early Childhood Music from the University of Surrey.

Workshop and Seminar choices - these will need to be chosen before the event

Soundwaves Extra - The Early Years Music Network for the South West - AM only
Caroline Barnes (evaluator) facilitating a feedback and discussion of various Soundwaves Extra projects across the South West. Soundwaves Extra Early Years Music practitioners and partners will present their case studies.

Workshop - Musical Play, playfully! with Ali Harmer

Part repertoire-sharing and part self-help group, this session will help us to be more playful in our approach to music with young children.
Taking on board the maxims “All children are musical” and “Children learn best through play” we will discover, through the medium of play and through insights from great pedagogues, philosophers, recent research and each other what Musical Play for young children looks and sounds like. How do we prepare our environment for musical play and how do we support that play? How can we take that play as a basis for group music and how does that musical play fit into the EYFS?
Having started as an Early Childhood Music Teacher in 1996, Ali Harmer has been researching musical play for around seven years and focussed on peer relationships during musical play in her Masters dissertation.

Workshop - The prime areas of the EYFS with added SALTMusic with Dr Jessica Pitt and Sophie Fox

SALTMusic combines early childhood music with speech & language therapy expertise with the aim of devising a transformative pedagogy to help young children with communication difficulties and their families.  In this workshop, we offer some musical play ideas to assist young children’s Communication, Physical learning and Personal, social and emotional development.
Dr. Jessica Pitt is a music researcher and education consultant in the field of early childhood. She is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Roehampton Applied Music Research Centre.
Sophie Fox is an artist, initially trained in visual arts, she has worked in multi-artform participatory arts since finishing her MA in 2001. Her work brings together creative play, performance and music, working with very young children and their families

Workshop - Making sound through connections with Richard Tomlinson - PM only

Demonstrating how children can play sound (and play with sound) using a combination of digital technology, a bunch of bananas and a lot of imagination. Find out about the digital technology on offer for the Early Years and how it is accessible and easy to use
Richard Tomlinson is a Somerset based artist specialising in digital media, film and photography. He has worked extensively within the participatory arts sector and, in particular, has developed experience of creative early years practice through Take Art’s Little Big Bang project. He currently works as a Creative Technologist for Somerset Film.

Caroline Barnes, Dr Susan Young and Jane Parker presenting their evaluation findings on Soundwaves Extra, identifying challenges and opportunities through discussion.

Rhona Matheson is Chief Executive of Starcatchers, Scotland’s National Arts and Early Years organisation. They specialise in creating performances and exploring creative activity for babies, toddlers and young children aged 0-5 and the adults who care for them. Rhona began working with Starcatchers on the pilot project in 2006 and since then has been on an amazing journey with thousands of babies, toddlers, parents, carers, educators, artists and project partners.

She is an inspirational speaker who believes passionately in the transformational power of the arts to inspire Scotland’s youngest children and the people who care for them through creativity, performances and engagement projects. “10 years ago, people questioned what the point of theatre and creativity for babies was, in 2017, people question why there isn’t more.”
In this Keynote, she’ll help support us in our call to arms to make this work irrefutable.


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