Hopper Artist FAQs

For all you need to know about the Hopper project please read the following FAQs. Where appropriate please click 'read on' to reveal the full answer.

What sort of shows are we looking for?  What are the artistic criteria?

All shows are different and we don’t want to limit the imagination and creativity of artists applying, however, the following considerations might be helpful. We would welcome applications that cover a range of approaches in relation to artform, content, technical or staging considerations... read on

Who is the Audience?

Early Years’ work generally tours to arts centres/theatres; barriers to under 5s’ attendance such as low income, geographic proximity to venues in rural areas and preconceptions about the arts are compounded by a lack of investment by the arts sector... read on

What do you mean by Early Years settings?

Early Years settings are non-theatre spaces, which could include pre-schools, nurseries, Foundation Stage in schools, libraries, Children’s Centres, school halls and village halls. Your show should also be adaptable to a theatre/arts centre context as we have three partner theatre and arts centre venues.

What length/duration should shows be?

We are looking for shows that are up to 50 minutes in length and might include post show interaction.

What sort of capacity?

Audience capacity is likely to vary. As a guide, EY shows tend to work well for audiences of 60 or less.

In which Local Authorities is the programme taking place?

In Somerset: West Somerset, Taunton Deane and Sedgemoor
In Surrey: in Mole Valley, Reigate and Banstead, Woking and Surrey Heath

What do you mean by ‘suitable for touring into Early Years settings’?

There are some guidelines you should bear in mind... read on

What do you mean by ‘suitable for touring into Early Years settings, with some adaptations’?

You should be confident that your show could fit the criteria outlined above following some adaptations... read on

What if I have a show that is currently in creation, and would be ready for touring from Spring 2018?

You are welcome to apply if you can send enough video material and information about the show. The selection panel needs to have a clear sense of what your show is like and what adaptations might be needed. It is likely that priority will be given to shows that are fully made. If you have a show in creation that is close to being finished please include as much information about the show in the application form, along with as much film footage of the show as you can. Pieces that are clearly in research and development or early stages will not be considered for adaptation but could be submitted as new ideas for development.

What do you mean by ‘a new idea for an Early Years show, which would work well in an Early Years setting’?

We are looking for artists who have a new idea for an EY show they would like to develop, which you think would work well in EY settings. If selected we will support you to explore how EY settings operate, to think about how to develop your idea within the constraints of touring into multi-purpose spaces and how to make shows that appeal to wider EY communities including parents and carers. Work could be in development (work-in-progress) or a brand new idea.

What if I have no experience of touring into Early Years settings?

That’s fine. As long as you’re interested in the challenges and opportunities touring into Early Years settings offers, then we warmly invite you to apply.

What if I have lots of experience of touring into Early Years settings?

You are warmly invited to apply with a new idea if your proposed work is taking your practice in a new direction or if you think the idea is innovative in terms of Early Years performance. If you are experienced at touring into Early Years settings you are not eligible to submit a show for adaptation.

Can I apply with an installation, or a piece which has a non-traditional performance format (e.g. outdoor or promenade)?

Yes, though you should keep the guidelines above in mind.

Can I apply with a show aimed at a 5+ audience?

No, this project is specifically targeted at audiences 2 – 5 years old.

What do you mean by ‘wraparound activity’?

This might include activity before or after the show. In the application form, we ask you to think about what wraparound activity you might consider offering alongside your show, however, these ideas need not be fully formed yet. If selected for the project, we would work with you to think through what wraparound activities you could present.

Do I need to have a safeguarding policy?

If you have a safeguarding policy please let us know. If you don’t we will work with you to develop one as part of the project.

Do I have to be available to attend the Practical Introduction to Touring into Early Years settings Lab?

Yes, this Lab is compulsory for ALL selected artists, those seeking to adapt existing shows and those seeking to develop new ideas. If you are applying as a company, you should send one representative. They should be a lead artist within the company. Please keep the dates free in your diary if you are applying.

Will I be paid to attend the Lab?

Yes, selected artists will be paid a fee of £300 for one company member to attend the Lab. Travel, accommodation and meals will also be covered.

Will I be paid for attending the Darkroom?

Yes, the Darkroom will provide travel to and from the host venue, accommodation and per diems. In addition, there is a company fee of £1,000 to cover the time of two company members to prepare for and attend the residency. There is also a limited budget available to hire in technical equipment for the week and for the company to invite further individuals who they feel would be appropriate additions to this period of enquiry and play.

How many artists will be chosen?

Up to three artists/companies with existing shows will be chosen for touring in this call-out. If your show requires adaptations before touring into Early Years settings you will be considered for a bursary of up to £2,000. Please note, this cost will vary depending on what adaptations are necessary to make your show tourable in this context. Up to three artists/companies with new ideas for development will also be chosen through this call-out to attend Darkroom residencies in Surrey or Somerset.

Can I apply if I am based outside of the UK?



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